How to buy


Download your preferred wallet

Download trust wallet on your iOS or Android device, or Metamask on your desktop as a chrome extension. Once finished, add the Binance smart chain network to your desired wallet


Add BNB to the wallet

Buy BNB on a centralised exchange, whether that be Binance or Kucoin, so on. Once purchased, transfer the funds to your trust wallet or Metamask wallet


head over to Pancakeswap

Once you are all connected, Simply add our contract address, and swap your BNB for $MicroCake, Set slippage to 13-15% in order to make sure your transaction goes through

Add MicroCake

Add $MicroCake to your wallet

Once you have purchased our native token, add the MicroCake contract dress to your Metamask or trust wallet to view the $MicroCake that you have purchased

Add CAkE

Add the Pancake Swap Token address

Pancake Swap Token address is as follows : 0x0e09fabb73bd3ade0a17ecc321fd13a19e81ce82

Our roadmap
we leading the right road

Our Whitepapers

Let us introduce ourselves and the mission we are striving to achieve

MicroCake has an intrinsic aim; Introduce passive income deFi to the wider world

DeFi is revolutionary, a type of technology that has the ability to change ones perspective on finances, and on the world around us. As we enter a new generation, where people are waking up to the flaws of the modern day financial system, it is imperative that you gain a deeper understanding of the world we are heading into, albeit a difficult concept to fathom, we here at MicroCake understand this, and we aim to help those, who haven’t quite gained a grasp of it

MicroCake as project, a community has a mission, and that mission is simple; show the masses that passive income is as simple as a few clicks on a decentralised platform. No thorough understanding is necessary, its as simple as clicking a few buttons on your keyboard, swapping your BNB for MicroCake and reaping the benefits of earning as you go about your day to day life

How we plan to launch successfully, and maintain that success, whilst creating exponential growth?

As those already within the DeFi space are aware, anybody with a basic understanding of how this works, can launch a coin

Dozens, if not hundreds of coins are made within this space daily, most of which struggle to perform, and unfortunately, most deceive their very own investors that have placed their trust, their time, and most importantly, their hard earned money with the team and the project. They do this by either not going to the length it takes to perfect their project as promised, or they straight up scam their investors

Here at MicroCake, this is something that deeply troubles us and we would never want such a thing to happen to the very people that have placed their trust amongst us.

That is why, we here at MicroCake have chose a well renowned contract developer to create our contract, launch and deploy. Not only that, but we have chosen to host our presale on Pinksale, the up and coming launchpad that most investors within this space know, and trust. Once we host our presale, and finalise the presale, we will be locking the initial liquidity pool with Pinksale; As a result of us doing this, all investor funds will be safe and secure, allowing MicroCake to launch, and put the communities doubts at ease that they will not fall victim to the behaviour that scammers within this space have been performing

Once we launch, we know that one main necessity is marketing ! We see it all the time within telegram groups, the phrase “When marketing” gets used regularly, and rightly so. Investors have the right to know that their investment will grow organically, but also through the work that the team put in behind the scenes. That is why here at MicroCake, we will not be conservative with our marketing budget, and we will strive to make the project a success, through an abundance of influencer promotions, advertisements, and sponsorships in order to considerably increase exposure

Is the owner of MicroCake Doxxed?

The owner of MicroCake is not yet doxxed, however based on where the project goes and the growth we receive, the owner of the project will be doxxing his identity once we reach that milestone. Furthermore, although the owner of MicroCake is not doxxed, he is well trusted within the space, and is involved with many communities

MicroCake reward distribution

The reward mechanism is used to incentivise holders of the native token to keep on holding to earn dividends from the transaction fees when investors buy or sell The awards mechanism is based on the number of tokens you hold, as well as the volume

MicroCake Tokenomics